The children of Army Men  were referred to as Line Chhokra or Line Chhokri meaning Boy or Girl living in the Army Quarters.

Line Chhokra

Name Khem Thapa

Age 58

Line Chhokri

Name Rupa Gurung Thapa

Age 58


Rupa and I are both children of British Gurkha army men, veterans of the 2nd World War. We spent our formative years in the Quarters of the Army Garrison in Malaysia during the 60s. We had our early schooling in the Gurkha Army Children School and were taught mainly by teachers from Darjeeling. The syllabus we followed was what was taught in the schools of Kalimpong in India. Living overseas and spending most of our wonderful and formative years in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Brunei, we cherished our life in a small Nepali community.

I am Khem Thapa, originally from Palpa and my better half is Rupa Gurung Thapa from Kaski, Pokhara. Both our fathers fought and survived in the 2nd World War from 1939 to 1945 in Burma against the Japanese. As both of our fathers belonged to the same regiment, we knew each other since childhood. As we grew older, our love blossomed and we got married. We are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Haushala and Samanata.

This blog reflects our story…

It is an attempt by us to share our experiences and stories about our lives, individuals or significant happenings with you all. Ironically, we are doing this before the pace of time fades our memory. Nevertheless, there is a lot we have to share. We hope you enjoy reading what we write as much as we love sharing with you!

To memories, experiences, life and a bright tomorrow!

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